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İşlikis a public, shared and an accessible joint working space in which interdisciplinary and beyond interdisciplinary production can take place. It uses interaction, learning, experience, production, sharing and solidarity as base with IDEA concept. İşlik is one of the main components of IDEA.

The ones working at İşlik constitute İşlik Community that interact with each other and with the public, that learn together and learn from each other, that provide experience transfer, that create a discussion platform and that produce together.

What kind of a place is İşlik??

İşlik consists of personalized working units for individual working processes and meeting rooms made up for small scale meetings.

During the positioning of the working units of İşlik, personal distance limits were taken into consideration that allow interaction between individuals. Meeting rooms in İşlik were designed transparent so that outside interaction would be possible and they were positioned in the center of the venue.

In addition to the spatial design, the IDEA Programs are designed to support the individual and collective production processes that take place in İşlik.

The ones working in İşlik aim at working and producing both for individual and social benefits. For this reason, while İşlik Community is being formed, it is targeted to bring together people who were trained in various fields and who are from different fields of interests and expertise and who havevarious professions. It is expected that each member of the community would support the production processes of both her/his own and the other members of the Community.

Who will benefit from İşlik?

İşlik forms a space where young and innovative commercial entities, civil society organizations or people who work independently can produce together or individually. 

İşlik can be used as a part of işlik Community. One can join the İşlik Community by means of a “fee tariff” determined by Municipality of Kadıköy. Individuals gain right to use İşlik and join the İşlik Community activities by choosing the appropriate tariff for their usage aim.

What does İşlik offer?

IDEA Kadıköy, İşlik Community offers;

  • Accession to İşlik venue between 09.00 - 23.00 hours,seven days of the week except for official holidays,
  • Wired and wireless unlimited internet service,
  • Locker allocation,
  • 5 hours meeting room usage allowance per month,
  • Shared desktop computer usage allowance (limited),
  • Access to printing and photocopy service (limited),
  • Security services,,
  • Daily cleaning service of İşlik venue,
  • Heating, cooling and ventilation service of İşlik venue,

Access to IDEA Children's Playhouse service.

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