To become a part of IDEA



Derslik is a publicly owned, accessible, semi quiet free working space. Derslik is one of the four spatial main components of IDEA.

All individuals studying in Derslik can become a part of the Community called AHALİ that was formed to bring people together who study, work and learn in IDEA Kadıköy.

What kind of a place is Derslik?

Derslik offers personalized study and sitting units for individual studying processes,

During the positioning of the studying units of Derslik it was targeted that people could get in contact with others in a comfortable way when desired and meanwhile it was also targeted that people wouldn’t affect others in a negative way during studying processes.

Who can benefit from Derslik?

Anyone, to start with university students and researchers who is in an intellectual occupation, whose learning process continues and who is in need of a short term and good quality studying place.

What does Derslik offer?

Wireless internet service (limited)